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Studies in Exodus

Lesson 11–Exodus: Chapters 1-5

Prestige to Bondage, Moses Born, Exiled, Elected and Commissioned


Lesson 12–Exodus: Chapters 6-13

Let My People Go, Plagues, Passover, Death and Deliverance


Lesson 13–Exodus: Chapters 14-18

Parting the Sea, Manna and Quail, Water from the Rock, Leadership Help


Lesson 14–Exodus: Chapters 19-24

God Appears, The Ten Commandments, Covenant Sealed with Blood, Moses Disappears


Lesson 15–Exodus: Chapters 25-33

God’s Dwelling, Priests, Rebellion, Intercessor, Levites, God’s Presence


Lesson 16–Exodus: Chapters 34-40

New Tablets, Covenant, Instructions and Promises, Israelites Obey, Tabernacle Finished




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