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Studies in 1 Samuel

Lesson 29–1 Samuel: Chapters 1-4

Mother Prays, Baby Born, Given to God, Becomes a Prophet


Lesson 30–1 Samuel: Chapters 5-10

God Tumbles, Philistines fear, Ark Returned, People Want King, Saul is Chosen


Lesson 31–1 Samuel: Chapters 11-15

Saul Anointed and Confirmed, Samuel’s Warning, Saul’s Failure, God’s Remorse


Lesson 32–1 Samuel: Chapters 16-19

David Anointed, Goliath Killed, Saul Afflicted, David Praised, Saul Jealous


Lesson 33–1 Samuel: Chapters 20-25

Saul’s Jealousy, Brotherly Love, David’s Righteousness, Samuel Dies, David Marries


Lesson 34–1 Samuel: Chapters 26-31

Saul Obsessed, David Righteous, Saul Consults Witch, David Rescues, Saul Dies




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