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Studies in 2 Samuel

Lesson 35–2 Samuel: Chapters 1-5

Saul and Sons Killed, David Crowned King of Judah, Ish-Bosheth Killed, Israel United


Lesson 36–2 Samuel: Chapters 6-10

Ark Returns, David’s Covenant, Jonathan Honored, Hanun’s Mistake, David’s Revenge


Lesson 37–2 Samuel: Chapters 11-15

David Sins, God Punishes, Price to Pay, David Forgives Absalom, Absalom Rebels


Lesson 38–2 Samuel: Chapters 16-20

David Flees, Intrigue Sets In, Absalom Gets Bad Advice, Absalom Killed, David is King


Lesson 39–2 Samuel: Chapters 21-24

Gibeonites Revenge, David Barred From Battle, Song of Praise, Last Words, Sinful Census




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