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Studies in 1 Kings

Lesson 40–1 Kings: Chapters 1-3

Adonijah Rebels, Solomon Crowned, David Dies, Solomon Gains Kingdom, Wisdom


Lesson 41–1 Kings: Chapters 4-11

Solomon rules, builds the temple, becomes very wise and wealthy, turns from God, loses power


Lesson 42–1 Kings: Chapters 12-16

Kingdoms Split, Prophets Lie, Prophets Die, King Arise, Kings Fall, Evil Abound


Lesson 43–1 Kings: Chapters 17-19

Elijah, Baal Ridiculed, Jezebel Angered, Elijah Afraid, God in Control, Elisha


Lesson 44–1 Kings: Chapters 20-22

God Prepares Ahab, Ahab Disobeys, Jezebel Connives, Ahab Repents, Prophecy Fulfilled




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