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Studies in 2 Kings

Lesson 45–2 Kings: Chapters 1-5

God Gone, Elijah’s Rapture, Elisha Receives Power, Moab Loses, God’s Miracles


Lesson 46–2 Kings: Chapters 6-10

Elisha’s Double Portion, Famine and Feast, Royal Murder, Jehu Arises, Ahab’s Fall


Lesson 47–2 Kings: Chapters 11-16

Mother Takes Over, Decency Returns, Sin Reenters, Elisha Dies, Decay Continues


Lesson 48–2 Kings: Chapters 17-21

Rebellion and Redemption Cycle Continues, Israel Deported, Judah Hangs by a Thread


Lesson 49–2 Kings: Chapters 22-25

One Last Good King, Revival, Collapse, Judah Gone




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