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Studies in Jeremiah

Lesson 76–Jeremiah: Chapters 1-5

Child Prophet, Powerful Confrontations, Two Sins, Calls For Repentance, Lying Leaders


Lesson 77–Jeremiah: Chapters 6-12

The Lord’s Disgust, No Shame in Israel, Promise of Destruction, Reminder, Future Grace


Lesson 78–Jeremiah: Chapters 13-18

Useless Belt, Exile Coming, Jeremiah Pleas, Potter’s Choice, Jeremiah’s Frustration


Lesson 79–Jeremiah: Chapters 19-26

Calls to Repent, Continued Rebellion, Reminders of History, Jeremiah Threatened Again


Lesson 80–Jeremiah: Chapters 27-32

Serve The Captors, Lying Prophets, God’s Plans for the Exiles, Permanence of Israel


Lesson 81–Jeremiah: Chapters 33-39

Hope in Disaster, The Branch, Slavery, King Ignores God, Obedience Honored, Cistern


Lesson 82–Jeremiah: Chapters 40-52

Serve the Captor, Assassination, Egypt or Bust, Destruction, Restoration Promise




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