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Links To All Lessons In Numerical Order

Lesson 1–Genesis: Chapters 1-5
In the Beginning, Perfection, and the Fall


Lesson 2–Genesis: Chapters 6-11
The Flood and Recovery


Lesson 3–Genesis: Chapters 12-17
Abram, New Land, the Covenant


Lesson 4–Genesis: Chapters 18-22
Sodom and Gomorrah, Ishmael and Isaac, Test of Faith


Lesson 5–Genesis: Chapters 23-27
Isaac gets Rebekah, Abraham Dies, Twins Born, Birthright Given,
Blessing Stolen


Lesson 6–Genesis: Chapters 28-33
Jacob Goes To Laban’s, Marries Leah and Rachel,
Grows Rich and Returns


Lesson 7–Genesis: Chapters 34-37
Jacob Returns to Canaan, Has Twelve Sons, Joseph Sold


Lesson 8–Genesis: Chapters 38-41
Joseph Succeeds, Goes to Prison, Interprets Dreams,
Stays in Prison, Elevated to Power


Lesson 9–Genesis: Chapters 42-45
Famine, Family Reunion


Lesson 10–Genesis: Chapters 46-50
Israel Comes to Egypt, Prophecies, Jacob’s Death,
Joseph’s Death


Lesson 11–Exodus: Chapters 1-5
Prestige to Bondage, Moses Born, Exiled,
Elected and Commissioned


Lesson 12–Exodus: Chapters 6-13
Let My People Go, Plagues, Passover, Death and Deliverance


Lesson 13–Exodus: Chapters 14-18
Parting the Sea, Manna and Quail, Water from the Rock,
Leadership Help


Lesson 14–Exodus: Chapters 19-24
God Appears, The Ten Commandments, Covenant Sealed with Blood,
Moses Disappears


Lesson 15–Exodus: Chapters 25-33
God’s Dwelling, Priests, Rebellion, Intercessor, Levites,
God’s Presence


Lesson 16–Exodus: Chapters 34-40
New Tablets, Covenant, Instructions and Promises,
Israelites Obey, Tabernacle Finished


Lesson 17–Leviticus: Chapters 1-27
The Lord Established the Law and the Priesthood


Lesson 18–Numbers: Chapters 1-10
Census, Blessing, Levites and the Tabernacle, Trumpets,
and Cloud of Fire


Lesson 19–Numbers: Chapters 11-15
Meat, the Spirit, Leprosy, Spies, Rebellion, Punishment,
Intentional Sin


Lesson 20–Numbers: Chapters 16-24
Rebellion, Staff that Budded, Scarlet Thread, Moses’ Sin,
Talking Donkey


Lesson 21–Numbers: Chapters 25-36
Immorality and Rebellion, Land Divided, Joshua Selected,
Midians Defeated


Lesson 22–Deuteronomy: Chapters 1-34
Moses Reminds Israel of the Past, Teaches the Law for the
Promised Land, Warns and Prepares for Occupation,
Anoints Joshua, Dies


Lesson 23–Joshua: Chapters 1-5
Joshua Becomes Leader, Spies, Rahab, Jordan Crossing,
Army Commander


Lesson 24–Joshua: Chapters 6-10
Jericho Conquered, Israel Defeated, Sin Purged,
Israel Wins, Sun Stands Still


Lesson 25–Joshua: Chapters 11-24
Battles Won, Land Divided, Warnings, History Remembered,
Joshua Dies


Lesson 26–Judges: Chapters 1-8
Conquest, Judges Raised Up, Rebellion, Repentance,
Deborah, Gideon


Lesson 27–Judges: Chapters 9-21
Abimelech, Fulfilled Prophecy, Samson, Spiritual


Lesson 28–Ruth: Chapters 1-4
The Book of Ruth


Lesson 29–1 Samuel: Chapters 1-4
Mother Prays, Baby Born, Given to God, Becomes a Prophet


Lesson 30–1 Samuel: Chapters 5-10
God Tumbles, Philistines fear, Ark Returned,
People Want King, Saul is Chosen


Lesson 31–1 Samuel: Chapters 11-15
Saul Anointed and Confirmed, Samuel’s Warning,
Saul’s Failure, God’s Remorse


Lesson 32–1 Samuel: Chapters 16-19
David Anointed, Goliath Killed, Saul Afflicted,
David Praised, Saul Jealous


Lesson 33–1 Samuel: Chapters 20-25
Saul’s Jealousy, Brotherly Love, David’s Righteousness,
Samuel Dies, David Marries


Lesson 34–1 Samuel: Chapters 26-31
Saul Obsessed, David Righteous, Saul Consults Witch,
David Rescues, Saul Dies


Lesson 35–2 Samuel: Chapters 1-5
Saul and Sons Killed, David Crowned King of Judah,
Ish-Bosheth Killed, Israel United


Lesson 36–2 Samuel: Chapters 6-10
Ark Returns, David’s Covenant, Jonathan Honored,
Hanun’s Mistake, David’s Revenge


Lesson 37–2 Samuel: Chapters 11-15
David Sins, God Punishes, Price to Pay, David Forgives
Absalom, Absalom Rebels


Lesson 38–2 Samuel: Chapters 16-20
David Flees, Intrigue Sets In, Absalom Gets Bad Advice,
Absalom Killed, David is King


Lesson 39–2 Samuel: Chapters 21-24
Gibeonites Revenge, David Barred From Battle, Song of
Praise, Last Words, Sinful Census


Lesson 40–1 Kings: Chapters 1-3
Adonijah Rebels, Solomon Crowned, David Dies, Solomon
Gains Kingdom, Wisdom


Lesson 41–1 Kings: Chapters 4-11
Solomon rules, builds the temple, becomes very wise
and wealthy, turns from God, loses power


Lesson 42–1 Kings: Chapters 12-16
Kingdoms Split, Prophets Lie, Prophets Die, King Arise,
Kings Fall, Evil Abounds


Lesson 43–1 Kings: Chapters 17-19
Elijah, Baal Ridiculed, Jezebel Angered, Elijah Afraid,
God in Control, Elisha


Lesson 44–1 Kings: Chapters 20-22
God Prepares Ahab, Ahab Disobeys, Jezebel Connives,
Ahab Repents, Prophecy Fulfilled


Lesson 45–2 Kings: Chapters 1-5
God Gone, Elijah’s Rapture, Elisha Receives Power,
Moab Loses, God’s Miracles


Lesson 46–2 Kings: Chapters 6-10
Elisha’s Double Portion, Famine and Feast, Royal Murder,
Jehu Arises, Ahab’s Fall


Lesson 47–2 Kings: Chapters 11-16
Mother Takes Over, Decency Returns, Sin Reenters,
Elisha Dies, Decay Continues


Lesson 48–2 Kings: Chapters 17-21
Rebellion and Redemption Cycle Continues, Israel Deported,
Judah Hangs by a Thread


Lesson 49–2 Kings: Chapters 22-25
One Last Good King, Revival, Collapse, Judah Gone


Lesson 50–1 Chronicles: Chapters 1-29
Prayer of Jabez, West Bank Tribes End, Praise, Temple Started,
Solomon King


Lesson 51–2 Chronicles: Chapters 1-8
Solomon Humble, Builds Temple, Glory of God, God’s Covenant,
Solomon Slips


Lesson 52–2 Chronicles: Chapters 9-16
Solomon’s Opulence, Kingdom Split, Judah Oppressed, King Asa,
Good King, Bad King


Lesson 53–2 Chronicles: Chapters 17-36
Kings Come and Go, Good Uzziah, Bad Uzziah, Hezekiah Seeks Unity,
Babylon Reigns


Lesson 54–Daniel: Chapters 1-3
King Dreams, Daniel Interprets, King Builds Statue,
Furnace Heated, God Delivers


Lesson 55–Daniel: Chapters 4-6
King Dreams, Dream Comes True, Daniel Betrayed,
Lion’s Den, God Exalted


Lesson 56–Haggai & Ezra: Chapters 1-6
Jeremiah Proved Accurate, Provision to Rebuild Temple,
Resistance, Temple Rebuilt


Lesson 57–Ezra: Chapters 7-10
Ezra Prepares to Come, Levites and Others Join Him,
Sin Revealed, Repentance


Lesson 58–Nehemiah: Chapters 1-5
Nehemiah’s Heart, God’s Favor, People’s Desire,
Enemies Plots, Nehemiah’s Resolve


Lesson 59–Nehemiah: Chapters 6-13
Wall Finished, Harassment, New Dedication, Old Habits,
Purification Again


Lesson 60–Esther: Chapters 1-10
Queen Disposed, Esther Crowned, Jews Threatened,
Esther Rises, Jews Spared


Lesson 61–Jonah: Chapters 1-4
Jonah Called, Jonah Runs, Jonah Swallowed, Jonah Obeys,
People Repent, Jonah Mad


Lesson 62–Amos: Chapters 1-9
Amos Relays, God Judges, Sentence Pronounced,
Mercy Offered, Wrath Promised, Hope


Lesson 63–Isaiah: Chapters 1-6
Isaiah Proclaims Guilt And Punishment,
Prophesies The Messiah, God’s Anger


Lesson 64–Isaiah: Chapters 7-13
Assyria Coming, Virgin Birth, Mixed Word,
Child is Born, The Branch, Babylon Desolate


Lesson 65–Isaiah: Chapters 14-21
Israel’s Future Brightens, Babylon’s Dims,
Near and Distant Prophecies, Encouragement


Lesson 66–Isaiah: Chapters 22-28
Prophecies Against Jerusalem, The Coming
Messiah, Destruction, Calls to Repent


Lesson 67–Isaiah: Chapters 29-33
Isaiah Warns Israel Repeatedly That Sin
Would Bring Disaster, Repent and Be Saved


Lesson 68–Isaiah: Chapters 34-42
God Declares Sovereignty, Desolation, Renewal,
Idolatry, Messiah Coming, Restoration


Lesson 69–Isaiah: Chapters 43-48
Prophecies of Restoration of Israel, Return of the
Exiles, Destruction of Babylon


Lesson 70–Isaiah: Chapters 49-53
Messianic Prophecies, Gentiles Given Hope, Exiles
Will Return, Jerusalem To Be Restored


Lesson 71–Isaiah: Chapters 54-59
The Messiah Will Come and Bring Salvation, Repent,
Gentiles Included, Peace for Eternity


Lesson 72–Isaiah: Chapters 60-66
The Messiah Will Come, Gentiles and Jews Will Form
A Church, God Will Be Exalted


Lesson 73–Hosea: Chapters 1-14
Unusual Marriage, Likeness to Israel, Remember the
Goodness, Repent or Perish


Lesson 74–Micah: Chapters 1-7
Future Wrath, False Prophets, Corrupt Leaders, The
Messiah is Coming, God is Faithful


Lesson 75–Nahum: Chapters 1-3
Wrath of God, Assyrians Time Limited, Nineveh Judged
Guilty, Destruction is Coming


Lesson 76–Jeremiah: Chapters 1-5
Child Prophet, Powerful Confrontations, Two Sins,
Calls For Repentance, Lying Leaders


Lesson 77–Jeremiah: Chapters 6-12
The Lord’s Disgust, No Shame in Israel, Promise of
Destruction, Reminder, Future Grace


Lesson 78–Jeremiah: Chapters 13-18
Useless Belt, Exile Coming, Jeremiah Pleas, Potter’s
Choice, Jeremiah’s Frustration


Lesson 79–Jeremiah: Chapters 19-26
Calls to Repent, Continued Rebellion, Reminders of History,
Jeremiah Threatened Again


Lesson 80–Jeremiah: Chapters 27-32
Serve the Captors, Lying Prophets, God’s Plans for the
Exiles, Permanence of Israel


Lesson 81–Jeremiah: Chapters 33-39
Hope in Disaster, The Branch, Slavery, King Ignores God,
Obedience Honored, Cistern


Lesson 82–Jeremiah: Chapters 40-52
Serve the Captor, Assassination, Egypt or Bust,
Destruction, Restoration Promise


Lesson 83–Lamentations: Chapters 1-5
The Book of Lamentations


Lesson 84–Zephaniah: Chapters 1-3
Promise of Destruction, Repent and Be Spared, Nineveh Gone,
Future Jerusalem, Hope


Lesson 85–Ezekiel: Chapters 1-6
Visions, Warnings, Ezekiel Drafted, Sins Declared,
Watchman, Responsibility


Lesson 86–Ezekiel: Chapters 7-14
Israel Is Pronounced Finished, Rebellion Ends in
Destruction, Priests, Leaders Rebuked


Lesson 87–Ezekiel: Chapters 15-19
Jerusalem Confronted, Prostitution, Kings Rebel,
Generational Curses, Hope Fades


Lesson 88–Ezekiel: Chapters 20-28
Reproach, Condemnation, Rebellion, Prostitution,
Destruction, Lucifer, Hope for Future


Lesson 89–Ezekiel: Chapters 29-36
Prophecies Against Conquerors, Watchman, Accountability,
Poor Leaders, Bright Future


Lesson 90–Ezekiel: Chapters 37-48
Valley of Bones, Israel Reestablished, One Nation, Fierce
Attacker, God Delivers, Peace


Lesson 91–Daniel: Chapters 7-8
Daniel Dreams, God Interprets, Daniel has Visions, God
Gives Understanding, Christ Revealed


Lesson 92–Daniel: Chapters 9-12
Prophecy Believed, Confession, 490 Years, Future of
Israel, Warfare, Anti-Christ, End


Lesson 93–Habakkuk, Obadiah & Haggai
Studies of Habakkuk, Obadiah and Haggai


Lesson 94–Zechariah: Chapters 1-6
Repent, Multi-colored Horses, The Branch,
Temple Rebuilt, Flying Scroll, Chariots, Peace


Lesson 95–Zechariah: Chapters 7-14
Religion not Worship, Gathering, Two Staffs, War,
Deliverance, Kingdom of the Lord


Lesson 96–Malachi: Chapters 1-4
Edom Doomed, Priests Rebuked, Worthless Sacrifice,
God Robbed, Messenger, Messiah


Lesson 97–Joel: Chapters 1-3
Drought and Pestilence, Repent, Day of the Lord,
Holy Spirit for All


Lesson 98–Job: Chapters 1-10
First 10 Lessons in Job


Lesson 99–Job: Chapters 11-37
The Conversation Continues


Lesson 100–Job: Chapters 38-42
God Speaks


Lesson 101–Matthew: Chapters 1-4
The Messiah Comes, Prophecies Fulfilled,
Government Angered, Ministry Begins, Disciples


Lesson 102–Matthew: Chapters 5-6:18
The Sermon on The Mount


Lesson 103–Matthew: Chapters 6:19-8:34
The Sermon on The Mount Continued


Lesson 104–Matthew: Chapters 9-10
Jesus Forgives Sin, Came for Lost, Dead Raised,
Disciples Sent, Service Consequences


Lesson 105–Matthew: Chapters 11-12
John Honored, Invitation, Sabbath Truth,
Unpardonable Sin, Heart Talk, Family of God


Lesson 106–Matthew: Chapters 13-14
Parables, Kingdom of God, John the Baptist Killed,
Miracles, Power of Faith, Unbelief


Lesson 107–Matthew: Chapters 15-17
Tradition, Out of the Heart, Jewish Messiah,
Yeast, Transfiguration, Unbelief, Temple Tax


Lesson 108–Matthew: Chapters 18-20
Babes in Christ, Church Discipline, Forgiveness,
Heart Change, First Last, Servitude


Lesson 109–Matthew: Chapters 21-22
Jesus Honored, House of Prayer, Praise of Children,
Jewish Rejection, Test Passed


Lesson 110–Matthew: Chapters 23-24
Pharisee Pride, Equality, Humility, Jewish Rejection,
End Signs, Gospel Spread, The End


Lesson 111–Matthew: Chapters 25-26
Lamps and Talents, Kingdom of Heaven, Betrayal,
Weak Flesh, God’s Will, Peter’s Denial


Lesson 112–Matthew: Chapters 27-28
Death Sentence, Judas Repents, Crucifixion, Burial,
Resurrection, Witnesses, Commission


Lesson 113–Mark: Chapters 1-4
Miracle After Miracle, Crowds Grow,Teachers Condemn,
Parables, Forgiveness of Sin


Lesson 114–Mark: Chapters 5-7
Casting Out Demons, Healing the Sick, Correcting
the Pharisees, Importance of Faith


Lesson 115–Mark: Chapter 8-9
Beware of the Yeast, Crucifixion Coming,
Transfiguration, Faith, Leadership, Salt


Lesson 116–Mark: Chapters 10-11
Pharisees Test Jesus, Rich Man, Rewards,
Temple Cleansing, Fig Tree, Faith


Lesson 117–Mark: Chapters 12-13
History in a Vineyard, Tricks to Trap, Commitment,
Tribulations and the End, Watch


Lesson 118–Mark: Chapters 14-16
Anointed for Burial, Last Supper, Betrayal, Peter’s
Denial, Trial, Crucifixion, Resurrection


Lesson 119–Luke: Chapters 1-2
Purpose, Angel, John Born, Mary Chosen,
Jesus Born, Confirmation, People Amazed


Lesson 120–Luke: Chapters 3-4
John Preaches, Change Heart, Jesus Baptized,
Temptation, Isaiah Fulfilled, Miracles


Lesson 121–Luke: Chapters 5-6
Disciples Called, Sins Forgiven, Lord of the
Sabbath, Rules of the Heart, New Covenant


Lesson 122–Luke: Chapters 7-8
Centurion’s Faith, Reassuring John, Love,
Soils, Kingdom of Heaven, Good vs Evil


Lesson 123–Luke: Chapters 9-10
Power Given, Take Up Cross, Transfiguration,
Unity, Commitment, Childlike, Neighbor


Lesson 124–Luke: Chapters 11-12
Lord’s Prayer, Seek God, Divided Kingdom,
Clean Inside, Greed, Provision, Preparation


Lesson 125–Luke: Chapters 13-14
Sin is Sin, Repent, Heart vs. Legalism, Limited
Time, Jews Rejection, Gentiles Welcomed


Lesson 126–Luke: Chapters 15-16
Celebration for Lost, Prodigal Son, Shrewd Manager,
Love of Money, Rich Man, Beggar


Lesson 127–Luke: Chapters 17-18
Forgiveness, Duty, Kingdom of God, End Times,
Pray, Humility, Love of Money, Faith


Lesson 128–Luke: Chapters 19-20
Sinners, Reward, Riding on a Colt, Temple
Cleansing, Capstone, Spies, Son of David


Lesson 129–Luke: Chapters 21-22
True Giving, End Times, Watch and Pray,
Passover, Communion, Betrayal, Guilty


Lesson 130–Luke: Chapters 23-24
Accusations, Crucify Him!, Thieves, Darkness,
He Lives, Finally Understanding, Promise


Lesson 131–John: Chapters 1-2
The Word, Word Becomes Flesh, Light Shines,
Darkness Remains, Disciples, Miracles


Lesson 132–John: Chapters 3-4
Born Again, Spirit Like Wind, God’s Love, John’s
Decrease, Samaritan Woman, Miracle


Lesson 133–John: Chapters 5-6
Sabbath Healing, Deity Claimed, Unbelief, Thousands
Fed, Walk on Water, Bread of Life


Lesson 134—John: Chapters 7-8
Haters, Sabbath, Living Water, Birthplace,
Light of the World, Free Indeed, Father/father


Lesson 135—John: Chapters 9-10
Light of the World, Blind See, The Gate, Other Sheep,
God/gods, Many Believe


Lesson 136—John: Chapters 11-12
Lazarus Dead, Jesus Wept, Lazarus Raised, Many Believe,
Leaders Fear, Jesus the Light


Lesson 137—John: Chapters 13-14
Passover, Foot Washing, Betrayal, Obedience is Love,
Holy Spirit Coming, Second Coming


Lesson 138—John: Chapters 15-16
Vine and Branches, Love One Another, Counselor Coming,
Jesus Going but Coming Back


Lesson 139—John: Chapters 17-18
Jesus Prays, Father Revealed, Unity, Jesus Arrested,
Peter’s Denial, King of the Jews


Lesson 140—John: Chapters 19-21
Jesus Innocent, Crucified, King of the Jews, Resurrected,
Appearances, Commissions


Lesson 141—Acts: Chapters 1-2
Jesus Ascends, Holy Spirit Comes, Signs and Wonders,
Peter Preaches, Church is Born


Lesson 142—Acts: Chapters 3-4
Beggar Healed, Gospel Preached, Persecution, Prayer for Power,
Prayer Answered, Unity


Lesson 143—Acts: Chapters 5-6
Lies Bring Death, Miracles, Arrests, First Deacons,
Stephen Arrested, Word is Spread




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