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Studies in Genesis

Lesson 1: Chapters 1-5

In the Beginning, Perfection, and the Fall


Lesson 2: Chapters 6-11

The Flood and Recovery


Lesson 3: Chapters 12-17

Abram, New Land, the Covenant


Lesson 4: Chapters 18-22

Sodom and Gomorrah, Ishmael and Isaac, Test of Faith


Lesson 5: Chapters 23-27

Isaac gets Rebekah, Abraham Dies, Twins Born, Birthright Given, Blessing Stolen


Lesson 6: Chapters 28-33

Jacob Goes To Laban’s, Marries Leah and Rachel, Grows Rich and Returns


Lesson 7: Chapters 34-37

Jacob Returns to Canaan, Has Twelve Sons, Joseph Sold


Lesson 8: Chapters 38-41

Joseph Succeeds, Goes to Prison, Interprets Dreams, Stays in Prison, Elevated to Power


Lesson 9: Chapters 42-45

Famine, Family Reunion


Lesson 10: Chapters 46-50

Israel Comes to Egypt, Prophecies, Jacob’s Death, Joseph’s Death




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