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Studies in Mark

Lesson 113–Mark: Chapters 1-4

Miracle After Miracle, Crowds Grow, Teachers Condemn, Parables, Forgiveness of Sin


Lesson 114–Mark: Chapters 5-7

Casting Out Demons, Healing the Sick, Correcting the Pharisees, Importance of Faith


Lesson 115–Mark: Chapters 8-9

Beware of the Yeast, Crucifixion Coming, Transfiguration, Faith, Leadership, Salt


Lesson 116–Mark: Chapters 10-11

Pharisees Test Jesus, Rich Man, Rewards, Temple Cleansing, Fig Tree, Faith


Lesson 117–Mark: Chapters 12-13

History in a Vineyard, Tricks to Trap, Commitment, Tribulations and the End, Watch


Lesson 118–Mark: Chapters 14-16

Anointed for Burial, Last Supper, Betrayal, Peter’s Denial, Trial, Crucifixion, Resurrection




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