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Studies in Luke

Lesson 119—Luke: Chapters 1-2

Purpose, Angel, John Born, Mary Chosen, Jesus Born, Confirmation, People Amazed


Lesson 120—Luke: Chapters 3-4

John Preaches, Change Heart, Jesus Baptized, Temptation, Isaiah Fulfilled, Miracles


Lesson 121—Luke: Chapters 5-6

Disciples Called, Sins Forgiven, Lord of the Sabbath, Rules of the Heart, New Covenant


Lesson 122—Luke: Chapters 7-8

Centurion’s Faith, Reassuring John, Love, Soils, Kingdom of Heaven, Good vs Evil


Lesson 123—Luke: Chapters 9-10

Power Given, Take Up Cross, Transfiguration, Unity, Commitment, Childlike, Neighbor


Lesson 124—Luke: Chapters 11-12

Lord’s Prayer, Seek God, Divided Kingdom, Clean Inside, Greed, Provision, Preparation


Lesson 125—Luke: Chapters 13-14

Sin is Sin, Repent, Heart vs. Legalism, Limited Time, Jews Rejection, Gentiles Welcomed


Lesson 126—Luke: Chapters 15-16

Celebration for Lost, Prodigal Son, Shrewd Manager, Love of Money, Rich Man, Beggar


Lesson 127—Luke: Chapters 17-18

Forgiveness, Duty, Kingdom of God, End Times, Pray, Humility, Love of Money, Faith


Lesson 128—Luke: Chapters 19-20

Sinners, Reward, Riding on a Colt, Temple Cleansing, Capstone, Spies, Son of David


Lesson 129—Luke: Chapters 21-22

True Giving, End Times, Watch and Pray, Passover, Communion, Betrayal, Guilty


Lesson 130—Luke: Chapters 23-24

Accusations, Crucify Him!, Thieves, Darkness, He Lives, Finally Understanding, Promise


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