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Studies in John

Lesson 131—John: Chapters 1-2
The Word, Word Becomes Flesh, Light Shines, Darkness Remains, Disciples, Miracles


Lesson 132—John: Chapters 3-4
Born Again, Spirit Like Wind, God’s Love, John’s Decrease, Samaritan Woman, Miracle


Lesson 133—John: Chapters 5-6
Sabbath Healing, Deity Claimed, Unbelief, Thousands Fed, Walk on Water, Bread of Life


Lesson 134—John: Chapters 7-8
Haters, Sabbath, Living Water, Birthplace, Light of the World, Free Indeed, Father/father


Lesson 135—John: Chapters 9-10
Light of the World, Blind See, The Gate, Other Sheep, God/gods, Many Believe


Lesson 136—John: Chapters 11-12
Lazarus Dead, Jesus Wept, Lazarus Raised, Many Believe, Leaders Fear, Jesus the Light


Lesson 137—John: Chapters 13-14
Passover, Foot Washing, Betrayal, Obedience is Love, Holy Spirit Coming, Second Coming


Lesson 138—John: Chapters 15-16
Vine and Branches, Love One Another, Counselor Coming, Jesus Going but Coming Back


Lesson 139—John: Chapters 17-18
Jesus Prays, Father Revealed, Unity, Jesus Arrested, Peter’s Denial, King of the Jews


Lesson 140—John: Chapters 19-21
Jesus Innocent, Crucified, King of the Jews, Resurrected, Appearances, Commissions


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