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Studies in Acts

Lesson 141–Acts: Chapters 1-2
The Messiah Comes, Prophecies Fulfilled, Government Angered, Ministry Begins, Disciples


Lesson 142–Acts: Chapters 3-4
Beggar Healed, Gospel Preached, Persecution, Prayer for Power, Prayer Answered, Unity


Lesson 143–Acts: Chapters 5-6
Lies Bring Death, Miracles, Arrests, First Deacons, Stephen Arrested, Word is Spread


Lesson 144–Acts: Chapters 7-8
Stephen Preaches and Accuses, Stephen Stoned, Phillip’s Mission Trips, Simon, Ethiopian


Lesson 145–Acts: Chapters 9-11
Saul Sees the Light, Church Grows, Cornelius and Peter’s Vision, Christians


Lesson 146–Acts: Chapters 12-14
Persecution, God Intervenes, Sorcerer, Jews First, Miracles, Paul Stoned, Hardships


Lesson 147–Acts: Chapters 15-16
Legalism, Two Become One, Discord, Slave Girl, Imprisonment, God Intervenes, Salvation


Lesson 148–Acts: Chapters 17-18
Persecution, Noble Character, Unknown God, Tentmaker, Fear Not, Haircut, Apollos


Lesson 149–Acts: Chapters 19-20
Holy Spirit, Jews to Gentiles, Sons of Sceva, Handkerchiefs, Religious Business, Farewell


Lesson 150–Acts: Chapters 21-23
Farewell Tour, Martyrdom, Jew vs. Gentile, Appeasement, Paul Arrested, Testify in Rome


Lesson 151–Acts: Chapters 24-26
Paul Charged, Resurrection Controversy, New Governor, King Agrippa, Paul Preaches


Lesson 152–Acts: Chapters 27-28
Shipwreck, None Lost, Snakebite, Roman Jews, Ever Hearing, The Counselor Comes




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