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Studies in 1 Corinthians

Lesson 158–1 Corinthians: Chapters 1-4
Unity, Importance of Word Not Man, God’s Wisdom vs. Man’s Wisdom, Teach Truth


Lesson 159–1 Corinthians: Chapters 5-7
Sexual Immorality, Disputes, Sexual Sin Worse, Marriage Sexuality, Divorce, Slaves


Lesson 160–1 Corinthians: Chapters 8-11
Legalism, Knowledge, Compassion, Compensation, Focus, Heart, Temptation, Gender


Lesson 161–1 Corinthians: Chapters 12-14
Spiritual Gifts, Holy Spirit, The Body, Love, Tongues vs. Prophecy, Order


Lesson 162–1 Corinthians: Chapters 15-16
Truth of Gospel, Grace, Resurrection, Immortality, Corruption, Rapture, Christian Kiss





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